21st Century Global Schoolhouse: Cyberspace International Inc,

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21st Century Global Schoolhouse: Cyberspace International Inc,

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Mission Statement :


We are a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation advancing scientific and technological knowledge among at promise children, youth and young adults. We work to create and test progressive, creative and flexible instructional and vocational benchmark training strategies. We will help produce a new agriculturally focused educational paradigm and associated inner city based agri-business and Aquaponics vocational training infrastructure. We will produce new learning, technological innovations, and related job placement opportunities. We will foster good nutritional habits, food preparation practices and techniques. We will spur the production and enhance the efficient distribution of healthy foods. We will help eliminate the urban healthy foods availability shortage and accountability crisis, commonly known as the urban food desert, starting in the city of Baltimore, Md. To begin to alleviate this disturbing and unacceptable condition, we will develop a trainee/mentee who has all the skills and tools necessary to become a highly specialized professional or entrepreneur. We will also work to make sure that the United States' urban healthy foods distribution system establishes and maintains the essential components needed to eliminate the food security issues that we confront.


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